About Us

The 411 on FortyTwo Women: our passion and purpose; the people, places, and things that inspire us; and (of course) how to submit your work to us. ❤️

FortyTwo Women is a media company created to increase the representation of women and women’s stories in media. Founded in 2017, FortyTwo Women is a woman-owned company committed to amplifying the voices of unique, artistic woman-identified voices who may have gone unrepresented in traditional media. We are guided by our belief in the importance of women’s voices in our world, and our passion for women artists, story, and art. 

Print Submissions


We are interested in written and artistic works by unique woman or woman-identified voices, both emerging and established. We are more interested in the story being told and the voice telling the story than we are in a genre of work.  We accept submissions throughout the year and have a particular interest in amplifying voices not previously represented in print.


All submissions should include the following pasted into the body of the email. DO NOT send these items as attachments. Submissions that include attachments will not be read. Email FortyTwo Women at submissions@fortytwowomen.com

  • a brief description of the manuscript or monograph

  • an author's and/or editor's note and biography, including a list of any previous publications

  • the first 20 pages of your manuscript or monograph


Film Submissions


We produce independent film, television, and documentaries from visionary woman and woman-identified filmmakers, both emerging and established. We believe in the importance of telling women's stories and increasing the representation of women in filmmaking. If you are a filmmaker looking for a producer to help you make your project come to life, email FortyTwo Women at development@fortytwowomen.com.


Podcast Submissions


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